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I am a PhD student at the Nicola Patron lab. My current work is focused on the identification of the biosynthetic pathways of plant metabolites with therapeutic properties using synthetic biology approach.  

Prior to joining Nicola’s group, I graduated from the “Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology” master’s program at the University of Edinburgh. My choice of masters’ project lied on the development of robust synthetic receptors for the detection of intercellular contacts between mammalian cells. One of the aims of this project was to develop a hybrid GEMS/CAR receptor AND-gate for the tumour cells killing, which can be used in T-cell immunotherapy. 

Apart from synthetic receptors development, my research was focused on such areas as using Desulfovibri to obtain REE nanoparticles from industrial by-products (University of Edinburgh), and investigation of the possibility of efficient clinical application of gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry method for the quantitative determination of chemical substances in complex matrices (Russian Technological University/ National Medical Research Center of Children’s Health, Russia).