Darren Heavens

Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist


Contact details:

  • +44 (0) 1603 450 838


During my time at the Earlham Institute, I have established a High Throughput BAC sequencing pipeline capable of processing >9 000 samples a day. Working alongside scientists in the Algorithm Development Group, I have refined amplification free library construction protocols and developed a novel long mate pair method both widely used in the flagship de novo sequencing projects undertaken at EI. More recently I have designed a low-cost custom library construction pipeline suitable for large-scale resequencing projects.

I have worked within the genomics field for over twenty-five years during which time I have held the position of Genotyping team leader for PIC, Analysis Team leader for Hexagen, and was instrumental in founding and running the Mutation Detection Facility for Cancer Research UK. Prior to joining EI, I was Operations Manager for the John Innes Genome Laboratory. I have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of organisms and in an array of different Molecular Biology techniques.