Harbans Marway

Research Assistant


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  • +44 (0) 1603 450 905


Harbans Marway

I am an experienced molecular biologist in an NGS environment with project management, technical development and quality assurance skills.  My role involves performing QC on an array of incoming samples. Feeding the data and conclusions back to educate the customer and inform the downstream processing. Under my watch, the QC pipelines are higher throughput, more exhaustive and have a decreased turnaround time. Reporting is standardized, and new technologies are incorporated as needed to ensure a cutting-edge QC portfolio.  Additional experience includes DNA extraction and library preparation for both short and long-read sequencing platforms (Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore).

I am also the Quality Manager – overseeing the transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015 and managing QA for the institute. The institute has passed the first annual external audit since we took on the 2015 edition of the quality standard.  Keen to engage with the workplace; I am a Fire Marshall, member of the Employee Consultation Forum and member of the Equality and Diversity Committee.  My interests outside of work include reading, writing content for my blog, dabbling in Python, attempting to exercise and maintaining an active social life.