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PhD Student
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Personal Pronouns: He/Him

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I’m a Postgraduate Researcher on the NRPDTP programme working in the Haerty Group, starting in October 2022. My PhD project will focus on developing computational methods to infer and reconstruct isoform-level regulatory networks from sequencing data, particularly in human brain tissue, with a view to investigating how isoforms differ across cell types, tissue types and development stages.

I completed my integrated Master’s degree in Computer Science at Durham University (where I was a proud member of Josephine Butler College), graduating in 2022. My master’s thesis focused on efficient text indexing algorithms for evolutionary distance estimation.

In the summer of 2021 I undertook a Research Experience Placement in the Haerty Group at EI, and enjoyed this exposure to computational life sciences so much that I decided to apply, and was lucky enough to be accepted, for an NRPDTP project in the same group.

Outside of my research I am passionate about open and equitable science, education and public engagement, and the movement for improving treatment and recognition of postgraduate researchers and their work. My hobbies include ultimate frisbee, video games, rock music (in all its weird and wonderful varieties and subgenres) and reading.