Kendall Baker

Project Coordinator
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Kendall Baker

I joined the Earlham Institute in December 2021 as Project Coordinator within the Genomics Pipelines Team. I mainly action and assist with project set up, sample submission, reporting, customer liaison, and pipeline monitoring to ensure the efficient delivery of sequencing projects.

Prior to joining EI, I held a similar laboratory based project management role with a focus on customer scientific technical support at Food Forensics Ltd in Norwich. They provided testing to the food industry from farmers through to suppliers, processers and retailers to validate the safety and authenticity of food.

After completing a BSc in Biochemistry at the University of East Anglia (UEA), I spent a year working as a medical laboratory assistant in an NHS microbiology laboratory before returning to UEA to study for my Ph.D. My research was focussed on the structural biology and enzymology of Inositol Phosphate metabolising enzymes in complex with both native & novel ligands. I gained broad experience with biochemical fluorescence assays, HPLC, PCR, recombinant protein expression & purification, and crystallography. My studies also provided me with fantastic opportunities to get in involved with undergraduate teaching as well as with outreach programmes with schools and the public which I continue to remain passionate about.