Tomasz Wrzesinski

Postdoctoral Scientist


I received my PhD degree in 2016 from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. The particular focus of my work was to detect transcriptomic changes in clear cell renal cell carcinoma tumors that correlate with clinical variables of these neoplasms using Illumina RNA-Seq technology. My scientific interests are especially, but not limited to, genomics and transcriptomics, i.e. resolving complex cellular networks, analysing large datasets and regulation of transcription.

Shortly after defending my PhD thesis, in April 2016 I started working at EI where I am involved in studying the evolution, expression and functionality of long non-coding transcribed sequences in Eukaryotes. A specific focus of the research is to better understand the impact of nucleotide variation within long non-coding RNAs on individual fitness.