Coordinating bioinformatics data, tools, standards and training in the UK, for Europe and beyond.

Biology has become a big data science. Life scientists are generating large data sets, for example of gene sequence, gene expression, genome modification, in experimental populations of plants or animals and from microbial communities. Making the best sense of these data sets is a major challenge and a key objective of the Earlham Institute.

ELIXIR is an international organisation that helps researchers with managing and analysing this increasing volume of life science data. ELIXIR includes 23 member Nodes and one Observer from across Europe, bringing together over 220 individual research organisations. ELIXIR coordinates, integrates and sustains bioinformatics resources across its member states, and enables users in academia and industry to access services that are vital for their research.

ELIXIR-UK, the UK Node of ELIXIR, has over 20 member organisations, with the Earlham Institute (EI) as lead institute. ELIXIR-UK provides platforms and guidance for research data management, reproducible data analysis, FAIR data and software management and related services, and standards. It offers cross-cutting and domain-specific services, and provides data and software related training, fellowships and workshops. The UK Node leads many ELIXIR Communities and Focus Groups, and participates in European consortia and international standards organisations.

ELIXIR-UK is also about the people behind the technology; coming together to deliver an infrastructure that strengthens the life science research community. With our members, we develop and help acquire funding for services and infrastructure that reach tens of thousands of researchers around the world.

Watch our videos or visit the ELIXIR-UK website to find out more about how you can get involved with ELIXIR. 


Impact statement.

Operating across a wide range of life science data, from human genomics to large-scale agricultural and environmental data, ELIXIR’s impact is felt across many fields. ELIXIR resources include databases, software tools, training materials etc. with the overarching goal of coordinating those resources so that they are able to form a single infrastructure. This coordination allows life scientists to share and find data, agree on best practices and exchange expertise easily, which in turn fuels the finding of new insights. 

ELIXIR-UK makes it easier for researchers in its member institutions to find the right tools and training, manage the life science data they are working on, and share expertise widely. We facilitate basic and applied academic research and industry innovation.

The ELIXIR-UK Node acts as a single entity to partner with other Nodes and the ELIXIR Hub, to jointly develop and run a cohesive European digital data infrastructure. This will increase the impact of UK life science globally.