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Coordinating data, tools, training and standards across the UK.

Neil Hall

Neil Hall

Group activities.

ELIXIR is a Europe wide data infrastructure for the life sciences. It aims to facilitate sharing of life science data by integrating data sources and tools under a unified set of standards and provide computing infrastructure and the training needed to make these resources accessible to bioinformaticians and life scientists.

EI is the Lead Institute for ELIXIR in the UK. As such it forms the bridge between the UK’s data infrastructure falling under ELIXIR’s platforms (Data, Tools, Compute, Standards and Training) and ELIXIR Hub. ELIXIR operates a hub and nodes model with the Hub being located at Hinxton. EI hosts the office coordinating the UK Node, bringing UK based resources into the wider project and providing a nucleating centre for UK data, tools, standards and training provision. EI’s ELIXIR activities are currently headed by Professor Neil Hall, who is supported by Catherine Hunter (Project Manager) and Nicola Soranzo (Technical Co-ordinator).

ELIXIR-UK is a distributed network currently consisting of 15 UK institutions. It is currently headed by Prof. Carole Goble at the University of Manchester. ELIXIR-UK is supported by three Research Councils: BBSRC, MRC and NERC. It was funded in 2014 to provide training coordination both across ELIXIR and in the UK.

As well as playing an active leading role in the UK’s ELIXIR contributions, the ELIXIR group at EI also contributes to the development of UK data infrastructure through participation in strategic initiatives and by making contributions in infrastructure development, for example by hosting major activity in BioJS development.





BioJS is the open source repository for biological data visualisation on the web. Each visualisation component provides reusable functionality that can be readily incorporated in more complex web applications.


De novo assembly of Dioscorea alata, Guinea yam



Towards BioDBcore: a community-defined information specification for biological databases

Gaudet P, Bairoch A, Field D, Sansone SA, Taylor C, Attwood TK, Bateman A, Blake JA, Bult CJ, Cherry JM, Chisholm RL, Cochrane G, Cook CE, Eppig JT, Galperin MY, Gentleman R, Goble CA, Gojobori T, Hancock JM, Howe DG, Imanishi T, Kelso J, Landsman D, Lewis SE, Mizrachi IK, Orchard S, Ouellette BF, Ranganathan S, Richardson L, Rocca-Serra P, Schofield PN, Smedley D, Southan C, Tan TW, Tatusova T, Whetzel PL, White O, Yamasaki C; BioDBCore Working Group.

Post-publication sharing of data and tools

Schofield PN, Bubela T, Weaver T, Portilla L, Brown SD, Hancock JM, Einhorn D, Tocchini-Valentini G, Hrabe de Angelis M, Rosenthal N; CASIMIR Rome Meeting participants.

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