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Business Development and Impact

We work with research and operational groups to identify opportunities for commercialisation, and maximise the impact of their research and capabilities.

Business Development and Impact.

The Institute is committed to supporting translation of research into applications that can deliver solutions to industrial challenges in global food security, improving human, animal and plant health, and delivering impact for charity, conservation and environmental sectors.

The Business Development and Impact Team supports research and operational groups with developing new, and strengthen the existing areas of EI research and infrastructure with significant commercialisation potential. We help research and operational groups at EI to develop collaborative R&D projects with industry through consultancy, contract research, and grant funding. We have a number of innovations suitable for partners to take forward into the marketplace.

Internally, we offer advice to EI colleagues on funding opportunities and help to develop a strategic approach to working with industry and wider stakeholders. We guide collaborative and commercialisation projects to success via continuous support, management of intellectual assets, providing industry feedback and development of exploitation plans. The Team also supports EI colleagues with planning and delivering activities that can generate societal, environmental, and economic impacts.

We help EI colleagues to develop important networking skills necessary for partnership working, through internal training and mentoring, and create a supportive environment for the EI colleagues to engage in commercialisation and impact realisation.

We are working closely with Marketing and Communications, and Training and Events Teams to increase the visibility of EI locally, nationally, and internationally, through marketing and communication activities, events and visits.

For some examples of our projects with industry and other academic partners watch these videos below.