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Earlham Institute Student Symposium

Providing an opportunity for colleagues across the Norwich Research Park to engage with peers, and find out about the research that happens from PhD Students at the Earlham Institute.

Start date: 03 November 2022
End date: 03 November 2022
Time: 11.00 - 18.00
Venue: Earlham Institute (Norwich UK)

About the event

This inaugural student symposium provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the research taking place at the Earlham Institute by our PhD student community, and provides our postgraduates with the chance to discuss and present their work to peers and colleagues across the Norwich Research Park. 

The half-day symposium will see Earlham Institute's PhD cohort present their work in short talks and posters; with two external guest speakers as well. 

Attendees are invited from across the Norwich Research Park Institutes, to engage with their peers, find out about the research that is taking place across different lab groups at EI and foster new connections.

There will be networking opportunities in addition to hot drinks on arrival, a buffet lunch, nibbles and wine.

Please note: This symposium is only open to students and scientists at one of the Norwich Bioscience Institutes (NBI), including the Earlham Institute (EI), the John Innes Centre (JIC), the Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) and the Quadram Institute (QIB).

Students from the Earlham Institute Student Body sitting outside round a picnic bench in the summer.


About the EI Student Body

The Student Body represents and supports to PhD Student community at the Earlham Institute. The representatives meet regularly with the NBI Graduate Schools Executive and EI PGR Director Dr Conrad Nieduszynski, for formal and informal conversations regarding student well-being and any possible concerns.

We also invite other teams and representatives from across the Earlham Institute to student meetings, to discuss and share information and opportunities available to students.