Event Scientific training

Introduction to Single-Cell RNAseq

From single-cell isolation, to library construction, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis

Start date: 18 September 2023
End date: 20 September 2023
Time: 09.00 - 17.00
Venue: Earlham Institute (Norwich UK)
Organiser: Emily Angiolini
Registration deadline: 18 August 2023
Cost: £350

About the event

What is the course about?

The course will provide an introduction to Single Cell Genomics. It covers several aspects of single-cell workflows from experimental design to laboratory hands-on including cell sorting and processing for production of quality samples for sequencing, generation of sequencing data and will introduce tools and metrics for assessing the data quality. 

Laboratory practicals will involve cell sorting using FACS AriaFusion, including considerations for different cell types, preparation of samples for Smart-seq, library construction, QC and pooling, loading of the 10X instrument.

Delegates will have the opportunity to review sequencing reports to determine data quality, interpret library and pre-processing QC, understand the principles of producing matrices, and identify any filtering required. All theory lectures and hands-on sessions will include best practices and tips as learned first-hand by EI's own faculty.

The course will consist of a mixture of conceptual lectures, methodological lectures and hands-on sessions in the laboratory and review the steps of computational analyses, as well as ample time for group discussions.

What will I learn?

  • Cell sorting, including an introduction to the different platforms at the Earlham Institute
  • How to generate cDNA for RNA Seq using the Smart-seq2 workflow
  • Library construction using Nextera XT protocol
  • Quality control at cDNA and library stages with explanation of good and bad examples
  • 10X genomics chip loading demonstration
  • The data generated in the wet lab will be used for the bioinformatics training
  • Understand how to assess data quality and troubleshoot problematic samples
  • Introduction and hands-on experience in available tools and resources for analysing single-cell data and identifying cell types
  • Understanding and experience in generating differential expression analyses

Who is this event for?

Wet-lab researchers. Early career researchers (PhD and early career PostDocs), research assistants and technicians. Those in the experimental planning stages of a project involving single-cell genomics.

Please see our course prerequisites for further information.

Registration includes lunch and refreshments throughout the course, access to training materials and attendance at the course dinner. 

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Registration deadline: 18 August 2023