Anita Scoones

Postdoctoral Research Scientist


Contact details:

  • +44 1603 450 527

Anita Scoones


Anita is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Macaulay group. Her primary area of expertise lies in the technical development and implementation of advanced omic approaches for integrated single-cell sequencing, with a special interest in the haematopoietic (blood) system.

Within her research, Anita focuses on unravelling the regulation of individual isoforms' expression during lineage commitment, to study the contribution of isoform diversity to the functional heterogeneity observed within the haematopoietic system.

Prior to this position, in 2023 Anita obtained her NRPDTP PhD at the Earlham Institute where she specialised in both short- and long-read sequencing approaches to delineate commitment to the megakaryocyte (platelet) lineage.

She is a graduate of the University of East Anglia in Molecular Biology & Genetics (BSc (Hons), 2017) and Molecular Medicine (MSc (Hons), 2018).