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Macaulay Group

Developing new technologies and multi-omics approaches for single cell analysis.

Iain Macaulay

Technical Development Group Leader
Iain Macaulay

Group activities.

The newly established Technical Development group, led by Dr. Iain Macaulay, is developing new sequencing approaches to address a diverse range of biological problems. 

One of the main focuses of the group is to establish and develop high-throughput single cell sequencing approaches. The group has considerable experience in single cell genomics, in particular in the development of novel “multi-omics” approaches - in which both the genome (or epigenome) and the transcriptome of a single cell can be assayed in parallel. Applying and extending such methods will provide key insights into biological heterogeneity at the single cell level. 

The group has access to a number of platforms for single cell analysis, including a Fluidigm C1 and a “Facs-in-a-Petri”, as well as extensive laboratory automation solutions for implementation of multi-omics approaches such as G&T-seq.   

The group also works closely with other faculty members as well as the platforms and pipelines team to ensure that new technologies and developments are implemented to support and enhance the scientific activity of the institute.


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