Event Scientific training

Single-Cell RNAseq Laboratory 2024

From single-cell isolation to library construction, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis

Start date: 30 September 2024
End date: 03 October 2024
Venue: Earlham Institute (Norwich UK)
Organiser: Emily Angiolini
Cost: TBC

About the event

The course introduces single cell genomics in the laboratory. It covers several aspects of single cell workflows, from experimental design to laboratory hands-on, including cell sorting and processing for production of quality samples for sequencing, generation of sequencing data and will introduce tools and metrics for assessing the data quality. 

Further details will be released shortly, for now, please register your interest to be notified when this webpage is updated and registrations open. 

For an example of the course content, view last year's course details, but please be aware that the programme and content information is subject to change. 


Participants in the lab during the last single-cell laboratory training

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