Seanna McTaggart

Programme Manager


Contact details:

+44 (0) 1603 452 094

Seanna McTaggart


Seanna McTaggart provides project management to Earlham Institute’s research initiatives falling within the Earth BioGenome Project remit, including the Wellcome Trust funded Darwin Tree of Life project and a BBSRC strategic fund.

Seanna completed her PhD as a bench scientist studying molecular evolution at the University of Guelph, Canada. She moved to the University of Edinburgh, Department of Zoology, to study innate immune system evolution in the aquatic model organism Daphnia using population genetic/genomic approaches. During her time at Edinburgh University, she held a NERC funded postdoctoral fellowship, a Wellcome Trust junior fellowship and was a Co-investigator on a NERC grant. During these roles, bioinformatic analyses played an increasingly important role in Seanna’s work.

Prior to joining the Earlham Institute, Seanna worked as the Bioinformatics team leader at the Centre for Diagnostics Development, LifeArc, a research charity. At LifeArc, Seanna was trained in project management and working within a quality system, whilst helping to develop diagnostics in disease areas such as breast cancer, neonatal sepsis, inflammatory bowel disease and tuberculosis.