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Genome 10K and Genome Science Conference 2017 Gallery

Images and video from the G10KGS 2017 Conference hosted by Earlham Institute.

September 06, 2017

We were thrilled to host these two fantastic conferences in parallel, and our delegates, partners, funders, supporters and sponsors all had a great time both socially and hard at work discussing all things genomics. Enjoy the images, and we hope to see you again in the near future!

The morning kicked off with a Science Communications workshop delivered by Dr Pete Bickerton.

Science Communications Workshop delegates

Delegates arriving to the conference.

Delegates arriving
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The conference brought together researchers and industry from all over the world to advance genomic science and the technologies that enable it.

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Prof Federica Di Palma of Earlham Institute welcomes delegates.

Conference programme.

Question time.

Tom McCabe from Norfolk County Council welcomes delegates to Norwich.

Social mixer at Earlham Institute.

Social mixer at Earlham Institute.

Councillor John Ward welcomes delegates to Norwich Castle.

Ksenia Krasileva speaks about plant immune receptors.

Richard Durbin, invited speaker.

Aaron McKenna, invited speaker.

Joris Veltman on De novo mutations in genetic disease.

The Halls, Norwich.

Galaxy training with delegates.


Science communications workshop.

Michelle Vierra of PacBio speaks to our communications team.

Poster runner up Will Nash (centre).


Daniel Mapleson, Genome Informatics session.

Coffee time.

L to R - Poster winners, Dhoyazan Azazi & Michael Gallagher

Poster runner up - Marton Olbei

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People are starting to think about new and imaginative ways to use genomics and integrate data and that technology is really changing incredibly quickly, so coming to conferences like this is important to keep up with what is going on - Deanna Church, 10XGenomics.

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