High-performance computing.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) encompasses state-of-the-art computing and storage technology to accelerate the time to completion of large and complex calculations. The rate at which NGS sequencing platforms are generating data is well beyond the computational capabilities of standard desktop computing technology.

EI's HPC capability

By partnering closely with HPC technology leaders, EI boasts world-class compute and storage infrastructure that allows our scientists to undertake some of the most challenging data-intensive research in the fields of genomics and biosciences.

What are the benefits?

High-Performance Computing technology allows our scientists to both store and analyse the huge amounts of data that are characteristic of modern genomics research. We generate and store over 10 Terabytes of new data per week, while the thousands of processing compute cores and Terabytes of RAM on our HPC supercomputers allow computational tasks to finish in hours or days rather than the months or years on standard desktop computing resources.

Interested in using our HPC facilities?

If you are interested in accessing EI HPC resources for your own research, or if you have any questions about applying HPC technology for data-intensive computing in general, contact EI’s Head of Scientific Computing.

Robert Davey, robert.davey@earlham.ac.uk

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