James Lipscombe

Senior Research Assistant
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  • +44 (0) 1603 450 906


I joined the Earlham Institute at its inception in 2009 having previously provided a Sanger sequencing service at the John Innes Genome Lab.  I am a research assistant with responsibility for sequencing on the Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq 2000/2500/4000 platforms. This role includes liaising with the project management team and internal clients, sample preparation, instrument operation and troubleshooting and training.

I am interested in laboratory automation and using EI’s suite of Beckman Coulter Biomeks and the Labcyte Echo I provide liquid handling solutions for a range of processes in collaboration with EI faculty and the Platform and Pipelines  team. These include DNA extraction and purification, sample and library QC, normalization, pooling. 

I have been involved in the development and operation of a high-throughput BAC sequencing pipeline (including bacterial culture, DNA extraction and purification, library preparation, pooling, size selection and QC) contributing to the reference genomes of important crops such as Bread Wheat, Barley and Lolium. 

My personal interests include classical and jazz music, football, reading, human and natural history.