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Virtual Single Cell Symposium - the future of single cell analysis

Join us for a virtual mini-symposium showcasing some of the latest developments in single-cell technologies

Start date: 16 September 2020
End date: 16 September 2020
Time: 12h00 - 17h00
Venue: Online (via Zoom)
Organiser: Iain Macaulay


Registration deadline: 13 September 2020
Cost: Free

About the event

In place of our annual single-cell symposium we will be holding a virtual mini-symposium this year, via Zoom. 

Single-cell technologies are now widely used but continue to develop rapidly - in this mini-symposium we aim to focus on the “next generation” of tools to study living systems at cellular resolution, including:

  • Long-read/Isoform sequencing
  • Multi-omic analysis 
  • Proteomics 
  • Spatial transcriptomics 

Our annual symposium has been a great platform for discussion between researchers in diverse fields (microbial, plant, biomedical) focussing on the applications of new technologies. 

The full symposium will return in 2021

Register today.

Registration deadline: 13 September 2020

Participation: Open to all