David Baker

Platforms & Pipelines Team Leader


My primary role is to run and maintain some of the Earlham Institute's Next Generation Sequencing and Whole Genome Mapping platforms from sample delivery to machine output. I am also involved in our Outreach activities to both internal and external audiences interacting with individuals from a range of backgrounds and scientific understanding.

I have worked with DNA Sequencing technologies for over 20 years. Graduating with a Mechanical Engineering first degree from Oxford Brookes University, I moved to Norfolk and started at The Sainsbury Laboratory running their DNA Sequencers. I moved over to the John Innes Centre to develop TILLING on the ABI3730 capillary sequencing platform, where my team successfully screened over 40 genes for the Grain Legumes Integrated Project while continuing to run the capillary sequencing and genotyping service within the Genome Laboratory.