Research group

Earlham Biofoundry Group

Applying synthetic biology and automation to scale up science

Group activities.

The Biofoundry Group operates and manages the Earlham Biofoundry platform at the Earlham Institute. 

The Biofoundry is a BBSRC-funded National Bioscience Research Infrastructure (NBRI), providing a resource to the UK’s bioscience and biotechnology communities.

The team is led by Dr Carolina Grandellis, and comprises expertise in synthetic biology, large-scale experiment design, and automation programming, alongside access to cutting-edge automation platforms. 

The Group works closely with the Research Faculty, providing technical knowledge and support to the Institute’s research groups.

The Earlham Biofoundry is critical to the Institute’s strategic research programmes - Decoding Biodiversity and Cellular Genomics - as well as collaborating and training scientists from across academia and industry.