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Working with us on your genomics projects means you get access to expert advice at every step and an experienced lab team working with your samples. We have a dedicated set of project managers and we can provide bespoke bioinformatics analysis and experimental design services. We are happy to supply accurate quotes for grant applications, and provide a gateway to our research through close ties to our Science Faculty. The breadth of our experience with microbial, plant and animal genomes means we will always be able to add value to a project, no matter what the complexity.

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Whole genome sequencing.

From microbial genomes, all the way up to massively polyploid plants, we are experienced in a number of whole genome sequencing approaches across all our sequencing platforms. Whether you’re resequencing a model organism, performing population-scale diversity studies, or need a single high-quality genome assembly of your favourite organism we have an approach that will suit your work from Pacific Biosciences SMRT-Sequencing to ultra-high throughput sequencing on the HiSeq.

Targeted sequencing.

If whole genome sequencing is beyond the budget, or you simply don’t need all that information, then targeted sequencing approaches allow you to focus on the regions of the genome you are most interested in. We are experienced in supporting in-solution hybridisation capture approaches from small panels on the MiSeq to exome-scale studies on HiSeq platforms. Custom amplicon designs can also be run. We can advise on targeted panel design and analysis, as well as provide the sequencing.


We can provide a number of approaches to transcriptome sequencing and analysis from short-read based transcript reconstruction approaches on the HiSeq to Iso-Seq full-length transcript sequencing on our PacBio platforms. Whether you’re looking to generate a reference transcriptome by assembly, looking at differential expression or looking for gene fusions talk to us about our approaches. We also offer smallRNA and microRNA sequencing for discovery or differential expression studies.

Single cell genomics.

Being able to look at the transcriptional dynamics, or genetic variation between single cells is a powerful new tool in genomics. We have multiple single-cell platforms to provide DNA-Seq or RNA-Seq from single cell suspensions. We have close links to our Faculty single-cell expert and can provide advice on the successful setup and analysis of single-cell experiments.

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Community profiling of microbiomes can be done in a number of ways. We offer 16S and 18S metagenomics approaches (other amplicon approaches are available) for rapid interrogation of communities from anything from human to environmental samples. If you’re looking for more information on the biochemical pathways present in a community we can also offer whole genome shotgun metagenomics as well as metatranscriptomics approaches.

We host the UK National Capability in Genomics and Single Cell Analysis.

We are strategically funded by the BBSRC to provide the National Capability in Genomics and Single Cell Analysis. We’re here to provide access to the latest genomics technology for the UK Bioscience community.

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Thank you very much for the sequencing data - the results are just perfect. I have had troubles with orders from large, well-known companies recently and it is refreshing to see that good communication and high-quality work still exists.

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Eamon Dubaissi, The University of Manchester.

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I do not feel like a “dear customer” but like a solid partner with all your team. Thanks for all your help, understanding and support.

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Cristobal Uauy, The John Innes Centre

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Generating data is only half the story. We don’t want you to be abandoned with data you can’t analyse. We offer bioinformatics analysis for all of our lab workflows from the simplest of alignments to the most complex of genome assemblies.

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