Research group

Leggett Group

Developing algorithms to enable new technologies.

Group activities.

The Technology Algorithms Group is focussed on developing computational methods to enhance new sequencing technologies, particularly in the area of real-time and in-field metagenomics and surveillance.

Much of our current projects are focussed on nanopore sequencing, but we are also interested in new applications of short read technologies and other long-read technologies.

Our work usually involves software engineering, data science, algorithm development and data analysis, but members of the group are also active in the wet lab, developing DNA extraction protocols and carrying out sequencing.


Some of our current projects include:

Developing tools for In-field and real-time sequencing.

Development of the NanoOK tool for nanopore data analysis.

Developing real-time metagenomic analysis software.

Development of MetaCortex, an assembly tool for metagenomic data.

Clinical microbiome diagnostics: monitoring pathogens and AMR resistance in human microbiomes.

In-field environmental sequencing.

Ocean metagenomics.

Viral metagenomics.

Real-time, low-power, efficient analysis.